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Promise Financial Group is a third-party independent private banking institution.


We focus on the needs of business owners and professional investors, providing comprehensive financial services, investment opportunity in real estates, and global private banking consulting and investment services.


We understand the rules of law and regulations in financial and investment environments of various countries, and neutrally give customers the best consulting planning.


With the continuous expansion of customer needs and company resources, Promise Financial Group offers financial services in several places including but not limited to Mainland China, Taiwan, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, in order to provide the one stop financial services across Asian countries.


Our partners are all listed companies or brand companies and financial institutions (banks, insurance and securities firms) with a long history and good reputation. We hope to solve the problems and meet the expectations of every customer in a professional manner, and grow together with customers, in order to create the long-term business values and achieve the purpose of corporate sustainability.


Providing banking services that enable clients to flourish and grow on their journey from ambition to achievement.

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