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Investment Management


The investment consulting service of Promise Financial Group is customer-centric and customer-oriented, providing professional advices on asset allocation and financial management solutions.

Our experts come from various qualified financial institutions and have extensive product and investment experience. We carefully understand customer needs and provide “One-Stop financial service” to help customers achieve the goal of continuously growing asset and to plan on wealth inheritance.


We focus on the investment needs of customers, provide personalized investment consulting services, and support customers’ asset planning, construction and preservation. Our investment advisory team evaluates whether the investment strategy meets the ever-changing financial standards and whether it meets the client’s risk profile. The professional financial knowledge we provide can enhance the enterprise’s confidence in optimizing business efficiency and individual customers’ grasp of investment risks.

Global Wealth Management

Big Data Technology for Business Finance Analytic Concept. Modern graphic interface shows massive information of business sale report, profit chart and stock market trends analysis on screen monitor.

Business Philosophy: “Customer first.”

Promise Financial Group adheres to the business philosophy of “customer first” and aims to help clients achieve their financial goals. We formulate a comprehensive financial planning strategy based on client’s risk assessment score and future financial plan, to help clients achieve continuous asset appreciation and wealth inheritance.


World Class & Supreme Service

Plenty of wealth creation journey begins with Promise Financial Group‘s in-depth understanding of our clients. Based on clients’ tolerance and preferences, we independently track and carefully select a series of high-quality investment funds, structured products, securities and insurance, and design the most suitable investment solutions for growth.


Our professional investment team, which is composed of fund company investment managers and trading agents, is ready to provide you with professional financial advice to help you make wise decisions and realize your future vision. In addition, our investment strategy and research team will provide incisive and unique insights on your investment, allowing you to keep abreast of global market dynamics, quickly adjust your strategy and maintain your advantage.



  • Bonds/Preferred stocks/Futures
  • Equity-Linked Notes/Options
  • Structured Products
  • Hedge Funds/Mutual Funds
  • Global Securities/Credit-linked Notes    
  • IPO Bonds

Third-Party Asset Management Services


Promise Financial group entrusts government regulatory agencies to formulate international private banking honor plans for clients and establish personal accounts and manage them separately. International private banks are responsible for fund deposits and withdrawals. Under the supervision of a third party, Promise Financial Group will operate professionally for the purpose of ensuring the safety of client’s portfolio.


Third-party asset management services operate independently and can provide clients with a diversified investment platform. The third-party asset management team provides professional advice based on clients’ needs and investment preferences through in-depth understanding of clients. Promise Financial Group selects global investment products to diversify risks and win with steady returns.


Private Banks We Cooperate:


Promise financial group provides private banking services which include but not limited to:

Asset Management

Investment Planning

Offshore Banking (Equities & Bonds)


Wealth Succession Planning

Family Office 


Our advantage:

  • Diversified Platform Selection
  • Comprehensive Financial Service
  • Pay attention to Client Relationship Management
  • Professional Investment Advice




Corporate Finance


Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate Financing

Private Equity

Asset Disposal

Tax and Succession Planning


Promise financial group also provides overseas family trust service for high-asset clients. The service is aimed at high-net-worth individuals with the needs of wealth protection, inheritance and tax consulting.


Benefits of Family Trust:

  • Confidentiality of Trust Information
  • Independence of Trust Property
  • Separation of Asset Ownership and Management
  • Tax Benefits
  • Asset Integration and Inheritance Planning

Global Real Estates


Promise Financial Group is customer-oriented and is committed to finding ideal products for each client. From the well-known luxury skyscrapers and residences in Taiwan and premium villas in Southeast Asia, to real estate services in the United States, Promise Financial Group is committed to bringing unique real estate products with potential of growth to clients through our global network of professional teams.


Our Three Promises:

  1. Guarantee real estate products that recommended to our clients have potential of growth and promise to provide consistent and seamless after-sales service to satisfy our clients’ needs.
  2. Guarantee a safe transaction process (supervised by practicing lawyers and trust companies)
  3. Guarantee a one-stop service which providing exclusive property management consulting service.


Promise financial group experts provide a comprehensive real estate service. The team filters and selects objects with the strictest standards. Through the lawyers of the buyer and the seller, the security and legality of the purchase process are ensured. Promise financial group will act as a stable and reliable bridge in between and do the most perfect check for clients.

Offshore Investment

Products provided:

  • Securities: US stocks & Hong Kong stocks IPO
  • Structured products
  • S. debt
  • Fund
  • Cryptocurrency quantitative trading
  • Offshore company establishment


The advantage of offshore company:

  • Global low tax, free allocation of funds
  • Dispersion of business risk
  • Overseas investment holding
  • Offshore company combined trust


『Professional consulting services will be provided according to clients’ risk preference. 』

『 Please leave your message, we will contact you asap.